Kim Jong-Unified

Seth, I love that your paranoia about Trump keeps you from logical thought. This important fact: The North Korean leader had talked to the South Korean leader — a move that earned the trust of the world — before Trump visited.  If the South Koreans were wary of the North Koreans, the US would not … [Read more…]

The Science

“I’m like man, I gotta change my tune!” (last entry)–> just a little bit of proof I might be a scientist. If Kanye’s facts don’t go my way, I gotta change my message. I’m not infallible.  I’m definitely (especially online) not always serious.  And even when serious I don’t always pick the right side.  Being … [Read more…]

I promise.

Here is my concession.  Tuesdays or Wednesdays I will “consider” doing a “relaxed jokes” post instead of my usual “annoyed and rant.” … so I noticed after Karen Bass’s interview, there was a camera shot of the teleprompter … “O M G!  I KNEW it.  Trevor’s being controlled using a TV!  It’s just like Trump!  … [Read more…]

More About Dreaming

Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams “Reference Parody” (well only a stanza and a chorus rewritten) 20+ references related to 4-5 topics.  Find them ALL!   I chase my selfish goals. World’s current load might make ‘Mii-sistors’ blow. All potential flows through holes of LA dykes.  I joke: ho ho. N. O. walls — block … [Read more…]

White [comedy-wise] Cheese

Hey band of guys I have written up this silly ditty. You are far away. That’s good! Because my date thinks you’re all pretty. Yes it’s true. She says I am nothing next to you. This makes me blue. And separately (same song, different topic): Yum. I like you much ice cream. But your coldness … [Read more…]

Science and Progress

Okay.  I’m going to say something here that has the potential to shock the world.  I dunno exactly who will benefit if anyone.  I hope the world works together with this idea to accelerate well-thought-out, good causes.  Here it is: How do we save the world? We strengthen and amplify everybody’s ability to do stuff … [Read more…]

Not Jewish Enough?

Okay, so I’m being effin racist because I’ve had it with this. HEY ALL POLITICIANS AND FOLKS OF POLITICAL ANALYSIS. You don’t need to pretend that you’re not Hitler … cause you aren’t, right? You don’t need to say that the folks on the “other” team just want power and won’t do right by the … [Read more…]