I must admit that I have NEVER taken AP Environmental Science (APES).

But Fuck, I got a 5 on AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics C (E&M and Mechanics), and AP Calculus BC.  I also hold an A.S. in Natural Science and higher degrees in Mathematics.

The Climate Change folks are running around saying countries will disappear because of the rising sea.  Crops will fail as the weather patterns in many parts of the world will change.

And what is the argument the Republicans have?  Not that there isn’t any warming of ocean temperatures, but that they aren’t sure it is human made.

As a math major, that is one of the most bullshit answers I have ever heard.

Here’s the science preceded by the logic:

“My house is burning.  I am not sure if my actions started the fire so I’m going to sit here until I figure out if I am to blame.  After that, if the fire happened for some other reason, I am blameless so I shouldn’t put out this fire in my house.”

Anyone with half a brain would yell: “Wait, it’s Your house, the fire is Not your fault, and you still want it to burn?’

Again, a parallel argument … If Canada was attacked by Japan, I would highly doubt that the US government would take 5 years to figure out if the attack on Canada was our fault and then refuse to help once the report came out that Japan acted alone.  By the way, I am just kidding Japan.

So what I am saying here is all we need to know is …

  1. Is there a trend to the changing weather patterns?  This is separate from the human involvement debate.
  2. Will this phenomenon cause havoc to millions or 10s of millions of people?
  3. Can we prevent or reverse this phenomenon?

If 1 is YES and 2 is YES and 3 is YES, we should do something.  It’s as simple as saving Canada from Japan.

Simple subset of this argument …

  1. Because of the rising of the temperature, is the arctic/antarctic ice melting? Is there a rise in sea level?
  2. Does the rise cause serious problems for island countries?
  3. Can we do something about it?

Whether or not humans are the cause of global warming is irrelevant.  The right questions to ask are:

“Is there solid proof of climate change.  Is there a likelihood of loss because of climate change?  Can we save lives by uniting against climate change?”

And I think the answer to those questions is a pretty clear Yes.

Now that I have hopefully convinced people there is a problem, I’ll suggest in the next sections what we can do about it.