Trump has your logic forked … Stupid news and Lazy reporting (part 2 … explanation)

I understand comedy is the lifeblood of The Late Show. I understand putting people “at ease” through comedy is noble. What happens if the US government is hemorrhaging lifeblood of its own?  Could you spare one weekday in 10 where you stop joking as much (Frivolous things like appearance: Elf of the White House, Turtle … [Read more…]


Asian women.   Texans / Southern accents in SoCal.  (Is Colbert going to do a whole show with a classic South Carolinian accent 😉 )   We love the discrimination! 🙂

Guess we are all idiot savants? (Maher’s back)

Ahem … “In recent years [The Republican Party peoples] were facing a serious demographic problem.  America was becoming younger and Browner and they were becoming Whiter and deader.” Ahem … “younger” Ahem … I’m not saying SoS Clinton didn’t win the popular vote, but Trump picked up some of those “younger” voters by being insulting (“breaking” political … [Read more…]


[edited on August 29 with a few extra lines of humor] Hey guys.  Most people don’t know this but I have a huge history of bullying by my parents. Yeah you might say there are a lot of mean Asian parents, but I do believe I’ve had more trouble than 95% of them. But yes … [Read more…]


“We, the Democrats, won the popular vote so that’s why we’re bashing Trump so badly.”   Fucking hilarious.   Did you not make fun of “It’s The Economy, Stupid” Bush? Or “Dumb” Bush Jr. Or “I call my wife mommy” Reagan? Whenever an ELECTED REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT or CONGRESSMAN has over 50% approval rating, do the … [Read more…]

Don’t Hesitate

Reasons why fortune favors the (non-extremist) bold: More Confidence From Successful Trials As Knowing That Certain Variables Can Cause A Resolution Of Type “Things Work Out” More Practice Dealing With New Situations Applications: Picking one Twitch streamer when 4 faves are on Picking one homeless person to help when you want to help more or … [Read more…]

No One Cares, Part 1

So the best way to rile up people is to use a strong word without definition. It’s the reason (in the positive) why we can have words like virtuoso and have it describe a virtually impossible human without specifying much more than that. On the negative side, it is commonly used for the purposes of … [Read more…]