PR’s ERs: Counting on Science?

Puerto Rico … needs food, water, electricity … Don’t you wish the world stocked up on back pack sized solar panels (millions) so places could borrow them In emergencies … (a world-wide non-profit to start?) or maybe found a way to store campfire heat energy (possibly preferably in electric form) … i think you can … [Read more…]

Errata, Ratonita

Mousey Maher is blaming the Republicans for “falsely” believing that many immigrants come up through the Southern border of the US. Um, ‘scuse me.  Isn’t it the Democrats who relayed that “news”? Paraphrased and Dramatized: “These poor people who come to the US some of which faced terrible circumstances to get here … they come … [Read more…]

She doesn’t speak English so well

Hey Californians.  You are racist. I got in a typed duel with a CA person just a few minutes ago. Yes I hear that the Hispanic population in CA is now larger than the Caucasian population in CA. And to this I still say “Learning English is good for you.”  Originally I was targeting my … [Read more…]

The 5052-700 Club

I have had, oh shall we say, a rather intimate relationship with psyche wings of several hospitals. Also, seemingly unrelated: I don’t think every view of God is correct BUT there are some cool people who are devoutly religious. So poor Bill Maher had a guest on to talk about religion in opposition to Maher’s … [Read more…]