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Here is CNN’s May 21, 2018 Report on School Shootings. A preliminary dissection … Criteria for “school shootings”: Shooting must involve at least one person being shot (not including the shooter) Shooting must occur on school grounds We included gang violence, fights and domestic violence (but our count is NOT limited to those categories) We … [Read more…]


Ellen: Here and Now … (my own diarrhea of consciousness to a very well done performance up to the 19 minute mark) Why the Clorox thing, Ellen?  Why? I have had that Clorox jingle stuck in my head for like … two days. Persistent “medical” condition for more than four hours.  Yes, I’m stating outright … [Read more…]

School Shootings, Taxes, and Childbirth

OK.  So for all of you quote unquote scientists that look down upon the silly mortals who don’t believe in Global Climate Change despite the evidence and logic, let’s see if you can answer some [basic] factual questions about guns in the US. (using 2015 stats) Question 1:  In the US, how many people die … [Read more…]

Pay It Forward

This Article Above is a link to a Yahoo Finance interview of Warren Buffett. Just in case the link goes bad here’s some of the high points: “So if I as a little kid had taken that 114 bucks I’d saved [in 1942 and invested it in the S&P 500], … [I’d have] $400,000 today. … [Read more…]

Tax Day in the US

Just a few days ago Paul Ryan announced his retirement. *tips hat* That has nothing to do with the contents of this site disappearing. There is no connection. Seriously you lunatic conspiracy theorists.  Nothing to see here. Go Away. EXCEPT You’ll see / hear my non-political side. Chess, piano, math, science, puzzles, and general goings-on … [Read more…]