Don’t Hesitate

Reasons why fortune favors the (non-extremist) bold: More Confidence From Successful Trials As Knowing That Certain Variables Can Cause A Resolution Of Type “Things Work Out” More Practice Dealing With New Situations Applications: Picking one Twitch streamer when 4 faves are on Picking one homeless person to help when you want to help more or … [Read more…]

No One Cares, Part 1

So the best way to rile up people is to use a strong word without definition. It’s the reason (in the positive) why we can have words like virtuoso and have it describe a virtually impossible human without specifying much more than that. On the negative side, it is commonly used for the purposes of … [Read more…]

e-Chronicle 1

Success.  Success.   Kid Celebrity.  Surprise!  How many celebrities kids are there inside …? How These Gorgeous Celebrities Look Without Makeup Or Any Cosmetics Shocked Us To Our Core I wanted to find the last one.  I went through the first 110 in sequence.  There are > 200 :). How nerdy math majors make use … [Read more…]

Ad Liberace

At The Very Serious Risk Of Offending MANY PEOPLE I Totally Respect … Parody of a Meri Amber Parody of a song by Jonathan Coulton Blue People get up get coffee Blue People go to job Blue People have political meetings With candidate Sickly Grand Ma Ma She says she’s very diligent But her wardrobe … [Read more…]

Chess Online & Out Of Line

  I’ve decided that Politics and being annoyed at lichess trolls can go hand in hand … Your insults mean nothing to the people starving and assaulted in the District of Columbia. But you don’t care. Eat up people’s egos and just sit there. You want to see an ugly battle? Plenty of sites to … [Read more…]

Harvard Kids (And I Kid Back)

Racism.  Yummy.  She said, “Don’t shoot.”  (the messenger.  Don’t be mad at the lady in the video for that.  It’s my joke.  I think comedians should be responsible for their very negative and possibly depressing jokes.)   Okay guys.  I want my kid to get bonuses over Will Smith’s kid for EVERY college.  Will Smith … [Read more…]


Stories in under 100 words. Popularity (yes an unpopular wuss I be): I’m not trying particularly hard to go public because I know what idiots are out there.  Even the charismatic Jon Stewart was (allegedly) bullied a bit by Fox’s CEO.  I just don’t need that in my life.  In this instance I’m totally chicken.


So this poor web site has gone through rants and politics.  I’m going to try now to steer it into a more positive or constructive direction. I will take up to an hour each day to post links to content (TV, newspapers, articles, performances, books, posters, etc.) that I have seen/heard.  If I have time … [Read more…]