Crouching Math, Hidden Stats

Is California in the top five states for divorces per capita?

We don’t officially know.

A while back CA was, in fact, the top state for divorces.  Not wanting to have this designation, the CA government stopped keeping track of certain divorce statistics.

Well, guess what?

I recently tried to find the number of Black people convicted of murder for killing a Black person in CA.


So I guess trying to intercept would-be murderers based on race isn’t a feasible idea.  Also, given that the CA government doesn’t keep these statistics, I guess they don’t care about improving the lives of African-Americans who might spend a LOT of time in jail.

Wake UP.  The poor and powerless are just being used by the Democrats.  They won’t even admit that you guys have a lot of homicide arrests for fear that the Truth will come out and they will lose votes.  They think all these stats may lead to more racism.

Luckily the FBI Does keep national stats like that and the trend is clear.  Black victims of homicide tend to have Black Perpetrators.  It is a economically disadvantaged 20-29 yo Black community thing AND this allows any efforts to be focused.

My guess and limited understanding is: they need jobs to be employed and get to 29 — avoiding jail.  Here is a list of jobs that require minimal preparation and can be done by almost anyone with a bike or a car: (More Soon)

  1. Tutor
  2. Babysitter
  3. Cook
  4. Maid
  5. Driver / Uber
  6. Home Helper: Mail Manager, Light Housework, Other Indoor Tasks
  7. Home Helper: Tech Devices (printer, peripherals, entertainment center)
  8. Home Helper: Gardening
  9. Teacher’s Helper: Grader
  10. Teacher’s Helper: Classroom Aide
  11. Teacher’s Helper: Paperwork and Data Entry
  12. Delivery Helper: Food
  13. Delivery Helper: Shopping
  14. Automotive: Interior / Exterior Wash
  15. Automotive: Jump Start, Basic Repair
  16. Automotive: Recommend Repair Sites (based on online reviews for nearby sites)
  17. Coupons Middle-Man.  Buy some newspapers every Sunday, organize the coupons and sell the coupons to shoppers.  Even better: Only sell those Coupons on Monday or later.  The shoppers won’t be able to get a hold of Sunday’s newspaper on Tuesday.
  18. WIX / WordPress Expert
  19. Yahoo Capabilities “Expert” — News, Mail, Stocks and more!
  20. Google Capabilities “Expert” — Mail, Search, Google Docs, etc.
  21. iCloud (Apple) Capabilities Expert
  22. YouTube Capabilities Expert
  23. eMail Capabilities Expert
  24. MS Office Capabilities Expert
  25. Online Searching Expert
  26. Online Library Expert — Free Online e-Book Libraries
  27. Online “Some Site You Can Help With” Expert
  28. Web Expert
  29. Phone Expert
  30. iPhone Expert
  31. Samsung Expert
  32. Tablet Expert
  33. Basic Phone Repair
  34. Basic iPhone Repair
  35. Basic Samsung Repair
  36. Basic Tablet Repair
  37. Literature Public Domain Expert
  38. Sheet Music Public Domain Expert
  39. Music / Audio Public Domain Expert
  40. Movie / Video Public Domain Expert
  41. Trends in Tech: Hardware Expert — What hardware should people buy?
  42. Trends in Tech: Software Expert
  43. Trends in Toys Expert
  44. Trends in RomComs Expert
  45. Trends in Comedies Expert
  46. Trends in SciFi/Fantasy Expert
  47. Trends in Documentaries Expert
  48. Good / Recent Self Help Books Expert
  49. Good / Recent Tech Non-Fiction Expert
  50. Good / Recent Cartoon Books Expert
  51. Good / Recent Anime Expert
  52. Good / Recent Romance Novels Expert
  53. Good / Recent SciFi Novels Expert
  54. Good / Recent Biographies Expert
  55. Good / Recent Historical Non-Fiction Expert
  56. Good / Recent Pre-K Books Expert
  57. Good / Recent Grades K-6 Books Expert
  58. Good / Recent Grades 6-12 Books Expert
  59. More To Come …

Just to hopefully help you along:

For the above ideas that need it, business cards cost $15 or less.  Web sites are sometimes free.  Classifieds in PennySaver are sometimes free.  Craigslist allows for free advertising and posting.