Learning Sucks

I think I get why people hate learning.  Chess-wise I finally admit to be one of them.

I like playing chess, but there are names for different sequences of starting moves.  Some sequence of 12 moves get a special name.  12 moves!  I can’t even remember a sequence of 12 moves.  Altogether there has to be at least 100 different names.  Dragon, King’s Indian, Grob, Halloween Gambit, and many many more.

But like everything else, learn your alphabet, learn your words, learn to make sentences, yada yada.

That takes time.

Friends Rock

Do you have friends?  No, really.

Unrelated, do you think the quality of math and science education in high school would increase if students spent 20+% more time willingly?

Welcome to my Houston-suburb’s high school’s math club and science club.  Between the two clubs, every 2 to 3 weeks we would bussed around the Houston area to attend competitions hosted by local schools.  Surrounded by friends, we’d practice on the way there, spend 3 hours taking tests, discuss test problems during lunch and sometimes even during the award ceremony and on the ride back.

We would voluntarily get between 5-7 hours of extra STEM every other week.  That’s about 3 hrs a week.  A student with 2 science classes and 1 math class attends regular class 3 x 5 = 15 hours a week.  3 more hours a week is 20% for this student.  For a student taking 1 science and 1 math the percentage increases to 30%.

I just think this has got to have been more useful than having one 2-hour science demonstration school assembly during the year.