Errata, Ratonita

Mousey Maher is blaming the Republicans for “falsely” believing that many immigrants come up through the Southern border of the US.

Um, ‘scuse me.  Isn’t it the Democrats who relayed that “news”?

Paraphrased and Dramatized:

“These poor people who come to the US some of which faced terrible circumstances to get here … they come here by passage on vehicles … sacrificing a life savings, facing shady drivers … they come by boat under similar conditions … some even walk through the desert … there are those that don’t make it and there are those that are turned away.  Some come from as far as Argentina … taking rickety buses, walking, enduring an even tougher journey with the increase in distance.”

So which is it?  Paper or plastic?  Airplanes or less-comfortable methods?  More dead or injured voyagers that we have given false hope to or just another example of past cherry picking by the Democrats … God!

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