Love to Hate

Hey guys, I used to be a very angry activist.  Now I’m just a Hate-ivist.

Warren Buffett has talked about this in a Yahoo finance interview.  Using a simple strategy to invest (deal only with the S&P and funnel dividends back into stocks), $200 –> $400,000 in about 80 years.

This also means if you invest $1 today under his strategy, in less than 80 years you will have $2000 with virtually no effort.

$1 is the recycle fee for 20 cans of soda.  None in Houston.

$1 is the difference between 1 gallon of gas in LA and 1 gallon of gas in Houston (both on average … and I’m being VERY nice … it is actually more than $1 per gallon).

Yeah.  Pretty depressing.  For every gallon of gas I pay for here in LA, I’m losing $2000 in 80 years as compared to getting a similar product in Houston … What … The … F***?  EVERY gallon!

So a terrible trip I had to take to Asia was worth $700.  That’s $1.4 Million 80 years later!!!!

Better boobs now –> $4M in 80 years!

I used to rant about high spending.  Now my mind is blown over it.

$500,000 Hummer?  $1 BILLION!!! (You will be 1% as rich as Gates is now) … [This line had an error before.]


(By the way on a less sensational and more scary note, this is why income inequality is getting worse.  People who are rich can easily make more money by investing while the poor must pay for basic necessities.)

To make it worse, (both on the spending criticism level And on the income inequality level) California just dangles its residents until the poor have no more money.  With 9.5% or 10% sales tax compared to around 7% in Houston, California takes away $100,000 (in 80 years) for every $2500 (now) I spend at 9%.  Yeah.  Think about that!

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