Math Education — I’ve Been Learned

I was going to write my usual thing, but I’m jumping to the end here.

The Math Education leaders in the USA want students to know more math theory and “Why.”

I’m a tutor.  I often teach to tests.  You ALWAYS skip the lengthy word problems that will require a lot of variable juggling and complex calculation the first pass.  Then, check your work for “iffy” problems you attempted and THEN do the really hard ones you probably would miss anyway.

In life?  You solve the problems that reap the most benefits given the resources it takes to solve them.  This is simply being logical, critical, and organized.

I am not saying everyone should only learn simpler math problems, but you really have to give a good reason why a 5th grader can’t multiply 2 two-digits numbers.

I’m writing a 5-page math book.  Wish me luck.

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