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Above is a link to a Yahoo Finance interview of Warren Buffett.

Just in case the link goes bad here’s some of the high points:

“So if I as a little kid had taken that 114 bucks I’d saved [in 1942 and invested it in the S&P 500], … [I’d have] $400,000 today. [In] one person’s lifetime. That’s America. I mean, that isn’t me. You know, it’s the huge tailwind the American economy gives to any equity investor.” — Warren Buffett

“The S&P 500 companies have earned well over 10% on equity, often 15% annually for years, and years, and years, and years,” Buffett says. “They’ve done it— with Democratic administrations, with Republican administrations. Now, you get money compounding at that kind of rate underlying your investment, and you get a diversified group of that, I mean, you’re going to do well.” –Warren Buffett

So it’s 2018.  I’m 38.  I want to start a non-profit.  My feeling here is that many of those S&P 500 companies really do good things for America and the world.  I’m considering throwing in 200 bucks into the S&P 500.

Perhaps if the magic of Buffett is real, I will get to help the US and the world as a non-profit CEO in 2050.  If not, well I will, in the 2050s, not have “severely missed” those 200 bucks I had invested 25-30 years before in 2018.  🙂

There is a lot of talk about rich folks needing to give more.  If Warren Buffett is accurate, maybe we can ALL help out a bit.   Too bad it may take a half a lifetime to find out if the new community service model should be:

Invest it forward for those who can.

“The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And *I* will make them pay for what they’ve [should be] done!” –A terribly edited Jean Luc Picard quote.

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