The 5052-700 Club

I have had, oh shall we say, a rather intimate relationship with psyche wings of several hospitals.

Also, seemingly unrelated: I don’t think every view of God is correct BUT there are some cool people who are devoutly religious.

So poor Bill Maher had a guest on to talk about religion in opposition to Maher’s own atheism.   Maher seemed a bit surprised when his guest said that 90% of the poor who were once on the streets live in religion-affiliated housing.

I’d like to add an observation to that.  From “sources close to me” only three non-employees came to visit the psyche wing as a service to all patients.  No one brought good food for the patients to share.  No one brought playing cards or board games.  No one came in with any music or entertainment … EXCEPT these three performers who sang hymns and religious songs for 2 hours every Sunday morning.

So AHEM … next time I better see some atheists willing to entertain in hospitals at least 2 hours a week.

Half-kidding.  But I really wish people had higher standards and better ethics.  The “if Men were angels no government would be needed” really rings true here.  If as a country we cared and helped people enough we wouldn’t need as many government-run social services.  And sorry, atheists, you guys aren’t as active as some of the better religious groups I know about.

Good Night

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