1. individual peace
  2. world peace
  3. end poverty
  4. achieve racial / gender equality
  5. end disease
  6. educational improvements
  7. science / tech advancements
  8. end pollution
  9. fight global warming
  10. prove the Democrats can’t govern
  11. joke around at more appropriate times … jk about 10 ūüôā


Projects I have begun work on:

vMath Estimation

Mental Math within 1% accuracy.

More Later

vMath STEM Scholarship

Giving away prizes for those who can prove mastery of particular STEM classes (measured using simulated  SATs and APs)

I’m trying to mirror the Book It! program. ¬†Looking to give away $5 a pop for every recognized STEM achievement on the SAT: General, SAT: Subject Test, and AP. ¬†The prize limit is up to $50 per person. ¬†Achievements Recognized (partial list):

SAT General: Math > 700 gets $5

SAT Subject Test: Physics > 500 gets $5
SAT Subject Test: Physics > 700 gets $5 more
Ditto for SAT Subject Tests: Math IIc, Biology, and Chemistry

AP Physics (any) 3 or 4  gets $5
AP Physics (any) 5 gets $5 more
Ditto for AP Calculus AB or BC, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics (and maybe computer science)

Status: Looking around for fundraising opportunities. ¬†Krispy Kreme has a sweet one. ¬†I haven’t contacted any particular fundraising organization.

vMath Strange Math

For odd math that coulda been presented in high school but wasn’t

More Later

vMath Driving and Deriving

Math for roadtrips

More Later

vMath Brief Survey of Undergrad Math Classes

Some classic proofs

Some brief articles
Format of This Index:
Article (Course Name — Topic)
There are NOT finitely many primes. (Intro to Proofs — Proof by Contradiction)
How many zeros are at the end of 100! (factorial) and how do you know? (Number Theory)
Why can a triangle have three 90 degree angles? (Geometry – Non-Euclidean)
Infinite hotel (Intro to Proofs — Countable Infinity)
Too many birds and too few holes (Intro to Proofs — Pigeon Hole Principle)
Barber paradox (Intro to Proofs — Paradox)
Too many to list (Graph Theory — too many)
Would like some analysis, complex analysis, abstract algebra, better number theory, combinatorics, category theory, topology, and more.

Status: Ideas are not yet organized.  This project is in its infancy.

vMath Statistics To Find Possible Cures

Census-based brainstorming

More Later

vMath Number Theory Without Words!

More Later

vSTEM My Favorite Topics in STEM

From calculus or elsewhere in the STEM universe with love

More Later

vPolitics Some Arguments

Personal Opinions but supported by researched facts

More Later