We love you Colbert

Hey.  Man.  Colbert.

I’m sorry.

You were such a nice guy before you went to New York City.  You even had a great show.

I hear that in New York people honk a lot.

I hear there are tons of people yelling into their cell phones was they walk around town. (And that NYC is also taking away pay phones!)

I hear the traffic is terrible.  And the foreign drivers are terrible.

I hear there are rat problems.

I hear that income inequality is not just prevalent but visible as some projects are across the street from high rise apartments.

I hear that Trump is from New York.

I’m just wondering … are you a douche?

I kid.

You aren’t a liar. BUT you do sound like you are telling the truth like that guy talking on his cell phone.

You sound like you’ve been holding in all this anger since you got to NYC.

You sound like you’re mad and angry and raising your voice like you want someone else to do something and willing to let EVERYone hear your screams against one single target.

Well Rats, I guess I liked the old, “new to NYC” Colbert better.

I’m sorry you can’t afford to live in Trump Tower.  I’m sorry.

“The share of the [NYC] population living at or near the poverty rate declined to 43.5 percent.” — Yeah so you’re missing over 40+% of the people in your new home of a city when you don’t talk about low income and poverty.  But you’re targeting a man with a lot of money if you go after Trump.  This plan is ingenious!

The percentage of NYC citizens at or below the poverty rate is 19.5.   It’s 12.3 nationally.  You and other Democrats seem to know poverty when they see it … and they’ll happily keep it much higher than the national average …?  Glad that minimum wage thing is working!!!  I’m guessing smog is also somehow connected to poverty, but that’s just a hunch at this point. 🙂

So if you’re starving for facts, there ya go.  I’m sorry you don’t have enough money to solve poverty nor live in Trump Tower.

I had reduced school lunches in grade school.  I think you’re totally benefitting kids like me by spewing rage against the people in Trump’s cabinet leaving.  You cry all over that spilled milk and modern reduced lunch kids will love you.

Thanks for nothing but Trump attacks.

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